We Love Our Community
For the last two years I have been blessed to be able to give back to this great community every month. Jeth was out and about our community making donations to some great organizations today. This COULD NOT HAPPEN without the generosity of our customers! 
Thank you for your commitment to our monthly fundraiser program here at the Friendliest Place In Town!
This is a picture of our Wall of Honor. This wall is dedicated to honor the men and women that have served or currently serve in the military. We have the utmost respect and  truly appreciate the sacrifice these men and women have made to fight for our Freedom!
Foundation14 - Putting Vets on Bikes
We are an organization that is committed to supporting our military veterans and their passion for riding. From custom modifications to our Right-to-Ride program, fundraisers, and community service - we do everything we can to get veterans on the road.
Flags O'er Veterans!
This non profit organization is committed to providing all Monroe County cemeteries, public and private, with a flag pole, American flag and any applicable accessories recognizing the cemetery as a final resting place of American service personnel and veterans; and provide support to other veteran programs for living or deceased veterans, that will recognize their service to the United States of America.
With the AMAZING help from this great community 98.3 Nash Icon and our incredible customers The Little Brown Jug was able to donate over 35 JAM PACKED BAGS of book bags, pencils, paper and more to some great children in our community!
Thank you, we are humbled!
Local Veterans
Join The Little Brown Jug As We Give A Little Back To Our Local Veterans! 
Bring In Unused:
White Socks, T Shirts And Boxer Briefs.
The Donated Articles Will Go Directly To Local Veterans In Need. 
In our Efforts To Better Our Community The Little Brown Jug Will Be Sending Out Care Packages To Our Troops In The Middle East. The Platoon We Are Sending To Has 12 Male Troops And 4 Female Troops. We Are Accepting: 
Socks, Crystal Light Etc. Beverage Packets, Powdered Coffe Creamer, Baby Wipes, Beef Jerky, Magazines, Greeting Cards To Send To Their Loved Ones And Canned Food (tuna, et.)
Please Help Us Take Care Of Our Young Men And Women Fighting For Our Freedom And Thank You From The Friendliest Place In Town!

A HUGE thank you to our amazing customers for supporting our troops in the middle east! God bless each of you!
Angels United
There were four young children from this community that we have adopted in hope to share our blessings with them during the Thanksgiving & Christmas season.
We accept gifts and financial donations if you are able to help.
Military Families Of Monroe County
In Our Constant Effort To Give Back To Our Community We Would Like To Invite You To A Special Event:
10% Of ALL Proceeds  Will Go Directly To Military Families Of Monroe County To Help Them Put Together Morale Boosting Care Packages For Those Assigned To The USS FITZGERALD.
This request came from a county resident that was assigned to this ship so it is really important we help.
Please Bring The Family Out To Help Our Brave Service Men And Women On The USS FITZGERALD!
Wounded Warrior Project
Every warrior has a next mission. We know that the transition to civilian life is a journey. And for every warrior, family member, and caregiver, that journey looks different.
We are here for their first step, and each step that follows. Because we believe that every warrior should have a positive future to look forward to. There’s always another goal to achieve, another mission to discover. We are their partner in that mission.
Lord's Harvest Pantry
Join the Little Brown Jug as we help give back to our great community! We are hosting a food drive  to benefit Lord's Harvest Pantry of Monroe. 
In the Spirit of Thanksgiving We Are Accepting Non Perishable Food Items To Be Donated To Lord's Harvest Pantry In Monroe.
So bring out the whole family now with your non-perishable food items and enjoy a great meal while also helping our community only here at the Friendliest Place In Town!
Jeth will also be making a donation for each item donated!
This night at Oaks of Righteousness however was one of the most humbling experiences thus far.
Thank you to friends like Joe Bellino and Ike Smith for helping serve my champion lamb to some less fortunate folks.
Please remember there are women, children and men in this community that aren't as blessed as we are.
Milk, wet wipes, clothing and more are greatly appreciated here and many more places!
What a pleasure it was to be able to support an amazing program such as our 4H!
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